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Stories equip us with the skills to navigate the complexities of life; offering readers with a valuable collection of tools.

a map around theGlOBE


Like a map of the globe, through story we can get a glimpse of the wider world beyond ourselves.
By reading, we understand we are connected to a greater part of this large and ambiguous universe. A Helopino mind views the world as a realm of infinite potential and ponders on how they can contribute.

a DASh of pepper

Zest for Life

Like a dash of pepper that adds life to a dish, stories acquire our tongues to taste the fun and adventure.

By reading, we are encouraged to find inspiration in every day life. A Helopino mind approaches life with a child-like awe. Viewing the world as an exciting, vastly rich and visceral place full of potential.

a pair of good lENSes


Like a pair of new lenses that help us see clearer, books equip us with new perspectives.

By reading, we are given a deeper insight into lives and experiences outside our own. We see through a different lens. A Helopino mind draws similarities between story and their own life. Taking morals and lessons with them in their everyday life and encounters

aPALEtte of paints


Like a palette of paints to mix with, stories make us aware of all the nuanced and far-reaching emotions that might colour our minds.

By reading, we learn to understand and develop emotional resilience. A Helopino mind feels their emotions in all varied hues they may come in. Rather than suffer under their yoke, they learn to accept them and direct their life as they wish.

the missing PUZZlE piece


By reading, we gain rare insight into deep universal truths; a Helopino mind sees their own story reflected through the characters journey, using the experience to understand themselves and others better.

But take heed little one don’t hurry So fast!
Lets first cast your mind to turn

Before you could think OR even could talk,
before you could run before you could walk

For eons our culture has been storytelling. As a practice, it is deeply intrinsic to the human condition. With roots that trace back to our most primal form. Stories warned us, guided us, excited us. They taught us what it meant to be human.

Today, they continue to serve as a powerful mechanism to carry culture and connect generations. Stories are vital in how we process and categorise experiences. They are laced in everything we consume. The words we read, the songs we sing, the food we eat, but their key value exists in their ability to shape understanding, private thoughts, and conversations.

Before we walk, talk, or even think – we are taught to communicate through story.

Before all these things you were first told a stOry.
It’s what allows us to see the WORld in it’s glory...

This is simply not only a children’s book rhyme,
It’s the celebration of a practice cultivated through tiME...

Helopino books was crafted with this simple intent; of celebrating the long-forgotten practice of oratory story-telling, reacquainting readers with the delight that comes from reading. This is why we think our books are best enjoyed when shared with another. Read it aloud, to your child, to a friend or even a pet!